Configure a static IP address

To configure a static IP address for the Bitnami virtual machine:

  • Log in to the server console.

  • Obtain the network interface name using the command below. Typically, the interface name is of the form enXXXX. Note the virtual machine’s IP address associated with the interface.

      $ sudo ifconfig
  • Create a configuration file for the network interface in the /etc/systemd/network directory. In this example, assume that the new configuration file is named

      $ cd /etc/systemd/network
      $ sudo touch
  • Edit the new configuration file and update it to look like the configuration below. Replace the INTERFACE-NAME, HOST-IP-ADDRESS and GATEWAY-IP-ADDRESS placeholders with the name of the network interface, the host IP address obtained previously, and the gateway IP address, as shown in the example.


    Here is an example screenshot:

    Address configuration

  • Save your changes and restart the networking service for the changes to take effect:

      $ sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd.service
Last modification October 10, 2022