Reset a forgotten system password

IMPORTANT: The steps in this section require console access to the virtual machine.

If you forget the bitnami user’s password for a Bitnami virtual machine, follow the steps below to reset it:

  • Configure the GRUB boot loader to boot directly to the Bash shell in read-write mode as the root user. To do this:

    • Boot the virtual machine and immediately press the Esc key to load the boot menu.

    • Type e to edit the boot commands.

    • Navigate down the menu until you are on the line starting with kernel.

    • Type e to edit that line.

    • Change

        (...) ro quiet splash


        (...) rw init=/bin/bash
    • Save the change with the Enter key.

    • Boot the system with the b key.

    NOTE: The changes made are temporary and will be reset after a reboot.

  • Once the system boots to a Bash shell, run the command below and enter a new password when prompted:

      $ passwd bitnami
  • Reboot the virtual machine.

You should now have access to the bitnami user account with the new password.

Last modification September 5, 2018