Usage instructions for Azure Marketplace Kubernetes Applications

There are different ways to obtain the usage instructions details of the Helm chart you just deployed. This instructions show how to get different information such as the password or tokens that the deployment creates during the process (if any) and how to access the solution. If you already have access to the cluster you used to deploy the chart, you can simply run the following command to get the information

helm status NAME

However, if you have not configured the required credentials to run this command, you can use the web interface to get that information.

  • In the AKS dashboard, access the cluster information and click on the “Connect” button available in the menu.

    AKS: Connect button

  • Follow the instructions to connect to the cluster

    AKS: Connection options

    • You can either open Cloud Shell to connect to the cluster

      AKS: Cloud Shell

    • Or run the command under the “Run command” menu

      AKS: Run command

INFO: In case the solution generates any password during the process, you can obtain it easily by following the usage instructions

AKS: Get password details

Last modification March 4, 2024