Learn about application parameters with Azure Marketplace Kubernetes Applications

Bitnami Charts using Azure Marketplace Kubernetes Applications can be customized with many application parameters. The parameters can be found in the file of each Helm chart in the Bitnami Helm charts repository, for example, the NGINX Open Source packaged by Bitnami parameters.

The parameters are specified in key-value pairs as you would set by running helm install with the --set option. Learn more about the format and find some common examples below:

Application parameters

Parameter Type Parameter Key Parameter Value
List command[0] bash
command[1] -c
command[2] sleep 3600
Dictionary commonLabels.key1 value1
commonLabels.key2 value2
List of dictionaries extraEnvVars[0].name VAR_NAME_1
extraEnvVars[0].value foo
extraEnvVars[1].name VAR_NAME_2
extraEnvVars[1].value bar
Boolean image.debug true
Number replicaCount 2
String service.type ClusterIP

All the parameters above are equivalent to this values.yaml:

  - bash
  - -c
  - sleep 3600

  key1: value1
  key2: value2

  - name: VAR_NAME_1
    value: foo
  - name: VAR_NAME_2
    value: bar

  debug: true

replicaCount: 2

  type: ClusterIP

The equivalent helm install command would be:

helm install ... \
  --set command[0]=bash \
  --set command[1]=-c \
  --set command[2]='sleep 3600' \
  --set commonLabels.key1=value1 \
  --set commonLabels.key2=value2 \
  --set extraEnvVars[0].name=VAR_NAME_1 \
  --set extraEnvVars[0].value=foo \
  --set extraEnvVars[1].name=VAR_NAME_2 \
  --set extraEnvVars[1].value=bar \
  --set image.debug=true \
  --set replicaCount=2 \
  --set service.type=ClusterIP

Find step by step instructions to deploy a solution in the Get Started With Bitnami Charts using Azure Marketplace Kubernetes Applications guide.

Last modification March 23, 2023