Set the application password via user-data

It is possible to customize the application password at deployment time. From the vSphere client, follow these steps:

  • Once you select the application you want to launch, follow the steps shown in the get started guide.
  • In the “Customize template section”, you can edit the user data. There are two options to do it: using a script (should start with a shebang) or adding the parameters for the virtual machine.

Follow these instructions depending on the case you wish to use:

Using a script

To configure the application password, you will need to create a file with your script also adding a parameter named “bitnami_application_password”. For example:


    # bitnami_application_password="bitnami1234"

    # Do things in the script
    touch /tmp/myfile

Once you have the script, you need to encode it as base64:

$ cat myScript.sh | base64 -w 0

Then, paste the output of the base64 command into the “user data” field.

Not using a script

If you do not need to perform actions with a script, just add the parameter to the file: For example:

    # bitnami_application_password="bitnami1234"

And compute the base64 encode:

$ cat myFile.txt | base64 -w 0

Then, paste the output into the user data section.

Last modification March 24, 2021