Install plugins on Logstash and Kibana

Install plugins on Logstash

Logstash supports input, filter, codec and output plugins. These are available as self-contained gems (RubyGems.org). You can install, uninstall and upgrade plugins using the Command Line Interface (CLI) invocations described below:

  • Install a plugin:

      $ cd /opt/bitnami/logstash
      $ bin/logstash-plugin install PLUGIN
  • Update a plugin:

      $ bin/logstash-plugin update PLUGIN
  • List all installed plugins:

      $ bin/logstash-plugin list
  • Uninstall a plugin (for Logstash <= 2.4 versions):

      $ bin/logstash-plugin uninstall PLUGIN

Install plugins on Kibana

Add-on functionality for Kibana is implemented with plug-in modules.

  • Install a plugin:

      $ cd /opt/bitnami/kibana
      $ bin/kibana-plugin install ORG/PLUGIN/VERSION
  • List all installed plugins:

      $ bin/kibana-plugin list
  • Remove a plugin:

      $ bin/kibana-plugin remove PLUGIN

You can also install a plugin manually by moving the plugin file to the plugins directory and unpacking the plugin files into a new directory.

Last modification December 21, 2022