Understand the default configuration

Kong configuration file

Kong’s configuration properties are set in /opt/bitnami/apps/kong/conf/kong.conf. The most important properties are:

  • database: This is the datastore used by Kong, and it is fundamental for setting a Kong cluster. The default image uses Cassandra as its default provider.
  • proxy_listen: This is the address at which Kong’s proxy will listen. Even though its default value is, open the corresponding port in order to allow remote requests.
  • admin_listen: This is the address at which Kong’s administration interface will listen for requests. Its default value is (and for SSL), and you will need to SSH your instance in order to access it.
  • cluster: All the properties starting with cluster (such as cluster_encrypt_key or cluster_listen) are important when configuring Kong in cluster mode.

If you modify your configuration file, do not forget to restart Kong:

$ sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart kong  # Restart Kong

Kong also allows setting configuration via environment variables (which override the contents of kong.conf). You can set them in /opt/bitnami/scripts/

Find a full reference of the different configuration properties in the configuration reference in Kong’s site.

Kong ports

  • Port 80: Welcome page.
  • Port 8000: Kong API forward port.
  • Port 8001: Kong admin API port. Only connections from localhost are permitted.

Kong log file

  • Kong log files are created at:

    • /opt/bitnami/apps/server/logs/access.log
    • /opt/bitnami/apps/server/logs/admin_access.log
    • /opt/bitnami/apps/server/logs/error.log
  • Cassandra log file: /opt/bitnami/cassandra/log/system.log.

Last modification December 21, 2022