Obtain application and server credentials

Welcome to your new Bitnami application running on Google Multi-Tier Solutions! Here are a few questions (and answers!) you might need when first starting with your application.

What credentials do I need?

You need two sets of credentials:

  • The application credentials that allow you to log in to your new Bitnami application. These credentials consist of a username and password.
  • The server credentials that allow you to log in to your Google Multi-Tier Solutions server using an SSH client and execute commands on the server using the command line. These credentials consist of an SSH username and key.

What is the administrator username set for me to log in to the application for the first time?

Username: root

What SSH username should I use for secure shell access to my application?

SSH username: bitnami

How do I get my SSH key or password?

You will need to create and associate an SSH key pair with the server(s). Use the same key pair for secure shell access to the server. Click here for more information.

Last modification February 14, 2024