Understand the default MariaDB configuration

Default MariaDB user accounts and privileges

The grant tables define the initial MariaDB user accounts and their access privileges. The default configuration consists of:

  • A privileged account with a username of root. The root user has remote access to the database.
  • An anonymous user without remote access to the database server. This user can only connect from the local machine and it is only intended for testing.
  • A test database only intended for testing.

Check our recommendations for a production server.

MariaDB version

In order to check the MariaDB version, execute the following command:

$ mysqld --version

MariaDB port

The default port for MariaDB is 3306.

MariaDB configuration file

The MariaDB configuration file is located at /opt/bitnami/mariadb/conf/my.cnf, on the MariaDB database server host:

The MariaDB official documentation has more details about how to configure the MariaDB database.

MariaDB log file

The log-error file contains information indicating when MariaDB was started and stopped and also any critical errors that occur while the server is running. If MariaDB notices a table that needs to be automatically checked or repaired, it writes a message to the error log.

Find it at /opt/bitnami/mariadb/logs/mysqld.log, on the MariaDB database server host.

Last modification February 9, 2023