Bitnami currently offers a few of the Bitnami stacks in different languages. If you would like to see a Bitnami Stack translated to your language, we would very much appreciate your help with translating it. We have set up a server running the Bitnami Pootle Stack so that Bitnami users can help us make the stacks available in more languages.

The translation process has two parts:

  • The installation of the application itself in a specific language (the application installer should already support this).

  • The translation of the installer.

We take care of the first part but need your help with the second part.

Our translation site lists the languages for which we do not have complete translations yet, as well as which ones are complete. The main page looks like this:

Bitnami translations

This page gives you an overview of the status of the translation in each language and the overall status of the translation for the Bitnami project. The Bitnami project contains all the strings that are shown in the installers for the supported stacks. Currently, translations are supported for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and Redmine.

If you would like to have a Bitnami stack translated into a language that's not listed, please contact us. You can also contact us if you are interested in translating any Bitnami stack not currently listed in Pootle.

Translation Process

Starting the translation process is as easy as selecting the project and then the language in which you want to participate.

Bitnami translations

Bitnami translations

The example below explains how to translate some Spanish strings that are not yet translated. We use .po files for translation. You can either translate the strings using the web interface, or if you are a registered user, you can download the .po file and translate it.

Bitnami translations

Translating using the Web interface

To translate using the Web interface, click the "View Untranslated" link and start translating!

Bitnami translations

NOTE: If you are not a registered user, you will only be able to submit suggestions and another user will need to accept your proposed translations.

Bitnami translations

Translating by uploading a file

NOTE: This facility is available to registered users only.

Registered users can download the .po file for a language and upload it with the new translations. To do this:

  • Select the language in which you want to collaborate.

  • From the "Translate" tab, download the .po file, as shown below:

    Bitnami translations

The file has the following format:

    msgid "Web Server Port" 
    msgstr "Puerto del servidor Web" 
    msgid "The installer will create the conventional *_production, *_development, and *_test databases based on your prefix." 
    msgstr "" 

    msgid "Removing Mongrel Cluster as services." 
    msgstr "Eliminando los servicios de Mongel Cluster." 
  • Look for the empty msgstr fields and translate those.

  • Once done, upload the new file with the translated strings and they will be merged with the current translation. You can also upload the file from the "Translate" tab in the language that you are translating.

    Bitnami translations

Registration Process

You can collaborate in the translation process as an anonymous user. However, in this case your translations will be submitted as suggestions and will need to be accepted by a registered user. If you are registered, you will be also able to upload translations in a file instead of via the Web interface.

To register, follow these steps:

  • Browse to the registration page.

  • Enter your user name and email. A valid email address is necessary for activating your account.

    Bitnami translations

    NOTE: Bitnami will not use your data for anything other than the Bitnami translation project and will not share your details with anyone.
  • You will receive an email with an activation link. Click the activation links and you should see a screen similar to the below letting you know that the activation was successful.

    Bitnami translations

  • Log in with the username and password that you selected. You should see the dashboard below:

    Bitnami translations

You can now configure default settings like the projects in which you want to participate (currently only Bitnami) or the languages which you wish to collaborate on.

Administrator Users

Administrator users make the final decision on a translation and will review the complete translation before integrating it in the Bitnami stack installer. If you are interested in helping us with this, please contact us.