Run console commands

The Bitnami Console is a script to load the Bitnami stack environment. This console is useful to run any command included in the stack, including mysql, php, openssl, ruby, rake and others.

To run this script, execute the command below.

Linux and Mac OS X

At the console:

$ cd installdir
$ ./rubyconsole


Use the shortcut in the Start menu under “Start -> Bitnami Ruby Stack -> Use Ruby”.

Once the Ruby console has loaded, execute a Ruby command as you normally would. For example, this command executes a simple Ruby program:

$ ruby -e 'print 1+1'

You can also use other commands, including rvm, as shown below:

$ rvm info

IMPORTANT: The Bitnami Ruby Stack can co-exist nicely with other existing Ruby installations on your system. Running a Ruby command through the Bitnami console will use the components/files that are part of the Bitnami Ruby Stack. Running a Ruby command outside the Bitnami console will use your existing Ruby installation. To illustrate, if you run the command gem install rails through the Bitnami console, it will install the Rails gems into the Bitnami Ruby Stack. However, if you run the same command outside the console, it will install the Rails gems into your other (non-Bitnami) Ruby environment.

Last modification September 19, 2018