Upgrade the OS X VM

If you download a new version of a Bitnami OS X VM application and try to run it, you will see a warning message similar to that shown below:

Upgrade warning

This warning appears when you already have a previous version of that application deployed on your OS X system. It ensures that you do not accidentally overwrite your existing application and data.

To upgrade your Bitnami OS X VM application, follow these steps:

  • Back up all the data that you need from the existing Bitnami OS X VM deployment, including all files, databases, custom plugins, media and other assets.
  • Remove or rename the previous OS X VM image files by deleting the ~/.bitnami/stackman/machines/APP-NAME directory, where APP-NAME is the application name. For example, the Bitnami Redmine OS X VM image files are located in the ~/.bitnami/stackman/machines/redmine directory.
  • Deploy the new version of the Bitnami OS X VM application.
  • Restore all the data backed up from the previous version in the new version.

Refer to the application page in our documentation or to the application’s official documentation for specific details on how to backup and restore your data.

Last modification October 30, 2019