Understand the default port configuration

A port is an endpoint of communication in an operating system that identifies a specific process or a type of service. Bitnami stacks include several services or servers that require a port.

The defaults ports for the main servers are the following:

  • Apache: 80 or 8080
  • MySQL or MariaDB: 3306
  • PostgreSQL: 5432
  • Tomcat: 8080

When installing the stack as a non-privileged user (that is, a user apart from the root user or the system administrator), the default Apache port is 8080. Mac OS X installers can use port 80 only when run as a system administrator with the sudo command.

If these ports are already in use by other applications, the installer will prompt for alternate ports to use during the installation process.

NOTE: To run applications as a non-privileged user, select port numbers above 1024.

Last modification March 26, 2020