Which application should we package next? You help us decide! You can vote for your favorite applications, and next time we package an application will be look for guidance at which application has the most votes wins and the selected application will be added to the Bitnami application library. This means we will create and maintain easy to use installers, virtual machines and cloud images for that application.

Vote for your favorite project now!.

Voting Rules

You can only vote once per project per month but you can also share on your favorite social network to help the project to get more votes. Each like, tweet or share will count as an additional vote. We used to allow people to vote without having to create a login, but because of repeated issues with people trying to game the contest we now require it. This has lowered the number of people that vote but has drastically reduced the fraud attempts (and make them easier to detect).

IMPORTANT: We are continuously tracking our logs to check that all votes are valid. Please do not try to write voting scripts or game the contest for your application, otherwise you risk disqualification. This includes offering money, prizes or any kind of compensation for people to vote in the contest. In the past we have disqualified projects with fake tweets, fake Facebook votes or that have paid end-users to vote.

New Application Submission Rules

Do you want to submit your application to the Bitnami Contest? First, check if it's already in our wishlist. If it's not, you can submit it for consideration.

The requirements to be approved in the contest are the following:

  • It should be a web application or server-side technology (such as a a database or queueing system). Currently Bitnami does not accept desktop applications.
  • It should be licensed under an Open Source license. If you have a commercial application that wants to be included in the Bitnami library, please consider our Software Partner Program.
  • We are currently focused on PHP, Java, Python, Node.js and Ruby on Rails web applications. For Web applications that require a different language, we would need to review the requirements before accepting the submission.