Create and restore application backups

Before running the commands shown on this page, you should load the Bitnami stack environment by executing the installdir/use_APPNAME script (Linux and MacOS) or by clicking the shortcut in the Start Menu under “Start -> Bitnami APPNAME Stack -> Application console” (Windows). On OS X VMs, the installation directory is /opt/bitnami and OS X VM users can click the “Open Terminal” button to run commands. Learn more about the Bitnami stack environment and about OS X VMs.


To backup, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the application as an administrator.
  • Select the “More Settings -> Database Backup” menu item.
  • Click the “Database Backup” checkbox.
  • Click “Backup database now”.
  • A new backup file with a tar.gz extension will be listed. Download it by clicking on it.


To restore, follow the steps below:

  • Stop the servers.
  • Copy your backup file to the directory installdir/apps/youtrack/youtrack_home.
  • Rename the current database folder and create a new one with the commands below:

    $ sudo mv installdir/apps/youtrack/youtrack_home/teamsysdata installdir/apps/youtrack/youtrack_home/teamsysdata.back
    $ sudo mkdir installdir/apps/youtrack/youtrack_home/teamsysdata
  • Restore your backup file:

    $ sudo tar -pxzvf installdir/apps/youtrack/youtrack_home/YouTrack-6.0-backup-date.tar.gz -C installdir/apps/youtrack/youtrack_home/teamsysdata
  • Start the servers again.

Last modification September 6, 2018