Install plugins

Before running the commands shown on this page, you should load the Bitnami stack environment by executing the installdir/use_APPNAME script (Linux and MacOS) or by clicking the shortcut in the Start Menu under “Start -> Bitnami APPNAME Stack -> Application console” (Windows). On OS X VMs, the installation directory is /opt/bitnami and OS X VM users can click the “Open Terminal” button to run commands. Learn more about the Bitnami stack environment and about OS X VMs.

Some MediaWiki plugins require Python to function correctly. The MediaWiki installers do not include Python, so you must first download and install Python for your platform.

Once done, some plugins require additional configuration steps on Windows, so you should consult the plugin’s documentation for information on additional steps required and how to specify the path to Python.

Refer to the other sections for plugin-specific installation information.

Last modification April 8, 2020