Upgrade Jenkins

Before running the commands shown on this page, you should load the Bitnami stack environment by executing the installdir/use_APPNAME script (Linux and MacOS) or by clicking the shortcut in the Start Menu under “Start -> Bitnami APPNAME Stack -> Application console” (Windows). On OS X VMs, the installation directory is /opt/bitnami and OS X VM users can click the “Open Terminal” button to run commands. Learn more about the Bitnami stack environment and about OS X VMs.

To upgrade Jenkins without losing your data, download the latest jenkins.war file, copy it to your apache-tomcat/webapps directory and restart Tomcat.

It is recommended to create a backup of the previous jenkins.war file. You may want to revert to the previous version if you find any issues after upgrading.

Upgrading only Jenkins

Linux or Mac OS X

Execute the following steps to upgrade only Jenkins:

  • Stop the server:

    $ sudo installdir/ stop tomcat
  • Copy your previous .war file in case you need to restore it:

    $ cd installdir
    $ cp apache-tomcat/webapps/jenkins.war apps/jenkins/jenkins.war.bak
  • Remove all Jenkins files to force Tomcat to deploy the new version:

    $ rm -r apache-tomcat/webapps/jenkins
    $ rm -r apache-tomcat/webapps/jenkins.war
    $ rm -r apache-tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/jenkins
  • Download the new version of Jenkins:

    $ wget
    $ mv jenkins.war apache-tomcat/webapps/
  • Start the server:

    $ sudo installdir/ start tomcat


  • Stop the servers from the Start Menu or with the graphical tool in the installation directory.

  • Using the file explorer, navigate to where you installed the Bitnami Jenkins Stack.

  • Copy the jenkins.war file from the apache-tomcat/webapps directory to apps/jenkins.

  • Download the latest jenkins.war file and copy it to the apache-tomcat/webapps directory. Start the server from the Start Menu or using the graphical tool.

Upgrading all the components

Download a new version of the Bitnami Jenkins Stack. Install it to a different location (remember to stop the previous install so there are no port conflicts) and point it to your previous JENKINS_HOME path by editing the file apache-tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/jenkins.xml.

Last modification August 31, 2018