Enable framing for your domain

If you want to embed Live Helper Chat in a different domain, you will need to configure Apache to set up the proper value for the header “X-Frame-Options”.

Just edit the /opt/bitnami/apache/conf/httpd.conf file with the following content:

<IfModule headers_module>
    <IfVersion >= 2.4.7 >
        Header always setifempty X-Frame-Options ALLOW-FROM http://DOMAIN.COM
    <IfVersion < 2.4.7 >
        Header always merge X-Frame-Options ALLOW-FROM http://DOMAIN.COM

Note that we have replaced the more restrictive SAMEORIGIN by ALLOW-FROM, so that the only the specified domain (DOMAIN.COM) will be able to embed Live Helper Chat.

Last modification February 9, 2023