Start or stop services

NOTE: The steps below require you to execute the commands on the remote server. Please check our FAQ for instructions on how to connect to your server through SSH.

Each Bitnami stack includes a control script that lets you easily stop, start and restart services.

Obtain the status of a service:

$ sudo service bitnami status

Call it without any service name arguments to start all services:

$ sudo service bitnami start

Or use it to restart a single service, such as Apache only, by passing the service name as argument:

$ sudo service bitnami restart apache

Use this script to stop all services:

$ sudo service bitnami stop

Restart the services by running the script without any arguments:

$ sudo service bitnami restart

TIP: To start, restart or stop individually each server of the cluster, learn how to start or stop servers in a Multi-Tier Solution.

Last modification May 22, 2023