Connect to the database server

By default, the database port in this solution cannot be accessed over a public IP address. As a result, you will only be able to connect to your database server from the runtime server (the server instance running the application). Follow these instructions to connect to the database server:

  • Connect to the application server via SSH following the steps in the Forwarding your key using SSH Agent section.

  • Once logged in the application server, you must obtain the server hostname where the database is running by executing the following command:

      $ sudo cat /opt/bitnami/wordpress/wp-config.php | grep 'DB_HOST'

    You should see an output similar to this:

      define('DB_HOST', 'provisioner-peer:3306');

    In this case, the server hostname where the database is running is “provisioner-peer”.

  • Inside the application server, with the SSH key forwarded, run the following command to connect to the database server through SSH. Remember to replace SERVER-IP with the value obtained for the DB-HOST:

      $ ssh bitnami@SERVER-IP

    In the current example, the command would be the following:

      $ ssh bitnami@provisioner-peer
Last modification January 16, 2023