Connect to the RabbitMQ administration panel

In order to connect to the RabbitMQ management panel, you have two options:

  • (Recommended): Access the RabbitMQ management panel through an SSH tunnel (refer to the FAQ for more information about SSH tunnels).
  • Open the port 15672 for remote access (refer to the FAQ for more information about opening ports).

IMPORTANT: Making this application’s network ports public is a significant security risk. You are strongly advised to only allow access to those ports from trusted networks. If, for development purposes, you need to access from outside of a trusted network, please do not allow access to those ports via a public IP address. Instead, use a secure channel such as a VPN or an SSH tunnel. Follow these instructions to remotely connect safely and reliably.

Once you have an active SSH tunnel or you opened the port for remote access, you can then connect to RabbitMQ management panel by browsing to:

  • Access through an SSH tunnel:
  • Access opening ports: http://SERVER-IP:15672/
Last modification December 21, 2022