Load a Redis module

You can extend your Redis solution using the Redis modules. Thus, you can implement new features and add new functionalities to your application.

Follow the instructions below to load a module to Redis:

IMPORTANT: Before follow the steps below, you must compile the source code of the module. Check the Redis Modules official documentation for more information on this.

  • Once you have the compiled module library (, the recommended way to load the module is during the startup of Redis by adding the following configuration directive to the configuration file /opt/bitnami/redis/etc/redis.conf:

      loadmodule /path/to/the/

    The configuration will take effect in the next time you restart Redis.

  • (Optional) To load the module at runtime (with no downtime), execute the following command. Replace the YOURPASSWORD placeholder with the value of your password:

      $ redis-cli -a YOURPASSWORD MODULE LOAD /path/to/the/

For more ways to load modules, please check the oficial documentation Redis Modules: Loading modules.

Last modification December 21, 2022