Configure SMTP for outbound emails

Google Cloud Platform doesn’t allow SMTP traffic through default ports: 25, 465, 587. Check Google cloud documentation to learn how to use a VPN to bypass these restrictions or use a different port for sending emails from your application.

To configure outbound email, follow these steps:

Edit the /opt/bitnami/apps/limesurvey/htdocs/application/config/email.php file adding the SMTP configuration:

$config = array();
$config['siteadminemail']     = '';
$config['siteadminbounce']    = '';
$config['siteadminname']      = 'Your Name';

$config['emailmethod']        = 'smtp';
$config['protocol']           = $config['emailmethod'];
$config['emailsmtphost']      = 'localhost';
$config['emailsmtpuser']      = '';
$config['emailsmtppassword']  = '';
$config['emailsmtpssl']       = '';
$config['emailsmtpdebug']     = 0;
$config['maxemails']          = 50;
$config['emailcharset']       = "utf-8";

return $config;  // You

To configure the application to use other third-party SMTP services for outgoing email, such as SendGrid or Mandrill, refer to the FAQ.

Last modification September 6, 2018