Modify the default administrator password

NOTE: Please, make sure you perform these steps in all the instances of your deployment.

You can modify the Redis password by editing the following files and replacing the existing password:

  • Edit the /opt/bitnami/redis/etc/redis.conf file. Note that you need to replace the NEWPASSWORD placeholder with the value of your new password:

      requirepass NEWPASSWORD
      masterauth NEWPASSWORD
  • Edit the /opt/bitnami/redis-sentinel/etc/sentinel.conf file. Replace the MASTERSET and NEWPASSWORD placeholders with the values of the master set name and your new password:

      sentinel auth-pass MASTERSET NEWPASSWORD
  • (Optional) To change the password at runtime and don’t restart the Redis service, change the configuration files as is explained above and execute the following commands. Replace the CURRENTPASSWORD and NEWPASSWORD placeholders with the values of the current password and your new password:

      $ redis-cli -a CURRENTPASSWORD CONFIG set requirepass NEWPASSWORD
      $ redis-cli -a CURRENTPASSWORD CONFIG set masterauth NEWPASSWORD
  • Restart Redis Sentinel:

      $ sudo service bitnami restart redis-sentinel
Last modification September 5, 2018