Modify a RabbitMQ node type

RabbitMQ nodes can be of two types: RAM nodes and disk nodes. As it is described in the section How Is The Cluster Configured, this Multi-Tier solution uses disk nodes by default.

RAM nodes keep some data only in volatile memory. Their use could improve the speed of adding/removing queues, exchanges or vhosts, but not publishing or consuming speed. RAM nodes are intended for advances configurations. You should assure always to have enough disk nodes to handle your redundancy requirements.

NOTE: Please be aware that a cluster containing only RAM nodes is fragil, you must avoid that situation.

In order to change the type of a node from ram to disk (or viceversa), use the commands below:

$ rabbitmqctl stop_app
Stopping node rabbit@rabbit1 ...done.
$ rabbitmqctl change_cluster_node_type ram
Turning rabbit@rabbit1 into a ram node ...
Starting node rabbit@rabbit1 ...done.
Last modification September 6, 2018