List included components

The Bitnami MEAN Stack ships the components listed below. If you want to know which specific version of each component is bundled in the stack you are downloading, check the stack installation directory.

Main components

  • Apache Web server

  • Git

  • MongoDB database

  • Node.JS

  • Node.js command-line tools:

    • Build tools: Grunt, Gulp
    • Database: Mongoose, Sequelize CLI
    • File optimization: UglifyJS
    • Package managers: Npm, Yarn
    • Process management: Forever
    • Project bootstrap/scaffolding: Angular CLI, Express Generator, WebPack CLI, Yeoman
    • Testing tools: Jasmine, Mocha
    • Templating: Handlebars, Pug CLI, Sass
  • Python

Last modification December 21, 2022