Troubleshoot Joomla! errors

Troubleshoot upgrade errors (permission errors)

This error arises when certain file permissions conflict with the automatic upgrade process if you are running a version of the Joomla stack below 3.6.5-0. This error consists on a lack of permissions in the Joomla files causing some issues in the automatic upgrade process. If you are experiencing this error, follow these steps to solve it:

  • Check the permissions of the Joomla files. They must be owned by bitnami/daemon and the permissions must be:

    • -rw-rw-r–: for files.
    • drwxrwxr-x: for directories
  • Log in to the server console. Learn how to connect to the server through SSH.

  • Execute the following:

      $ sudo find /opt/bitnami/apps/joomla/htdocs/ -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
      $ sudo find /opt/bitnami/apps/joomla/htdocs/ -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
  • Retry the upgrade process marking the installation method as Write files directly.

Last modification December 21, 2022