Get started with SonarQube

The /opt/bitnami/sonarqube SonarQube installation folder has the following contents:

Directory Content
bin/ SonarQube’s binaries.
conf/ SonarQube’s configuration files.
data/ SonarQube’s data.

Analyze your first project with SonarQube Scanner

To get started with the Bitnami package for SonarQube™ and SonarQube Scanner, you can follow this two-minute quickstart guide to analyze a sample project:

  • Download the SonarQube Scanner zip file. You can find it for all platforms on this link.

  • Unzip it in /opt:

      $ sudo unzip -d /opt sonar-scanner-cli-*.zip
  • Download some sample projects from this link.

  • Unzip them in $HOME/sonar-scanning-examples:

      $ unzip -d $HOME
  • Analyze a project as shown below. Replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD placeholders with the correct user name and password.

      $ cd $HOME/sonar-scanning-examples/sonarqube-scanner
      $ /opt/sonar-scanner-*/bin/sonar-scanner -Dsonar.login=USERNAME -Dsonar.password=PASSWORD
  • Browse to http://SERVER-IP to find out the results. (SERVER-IP is a placeholder. Please, replace it with the actual domain of your SonarQube server).

You can find more information about SonarQube Scanner at SonarQube’s official documentation.

Last modification February 9, 2023