Install styles

To install a new phpBB style, follow these steps:

  • Upload and uncompress the new style directory in the /opt/bitnami/phpbb/styles directory. You can obtain new styles from the phpBB styles database or create a custom style.

  • Log in to the phpBB administration control panel (ACP).

  • Navigate to the “Customise -> Install Styles” page.

  • Select the uploaded style and click the “Install styles” button.

    Install style

  • Once the style has been installed, navigate to the “General -> Board settings” page.

  • Activate the new style by selecting it as the “Default style” and “Guest style” and setting the “Override user style” field to “Yes”.

  • Click “Submit” to save the changes.

    Activate style

The new style will now be activated for all users.

Last modification February 9, 2023