Enable the Gzip Page Compressor

Gzip Page Compressor saves around 50-70% of the file size. This means that it takes less time to load your pages, and less bandwidth is used over all.

  • Select the “System -> “Global Configuration” menu item:

    [![Joomla configuration](/images/img/apps/joomla/joomla-configuration-tab.png)](/images/img/apps/joomla/joomla-configuration-tab.png)
  • Go to the “Server” tab and enable “Gzip Page Compression”:

    [![Enable Gzip compression](/images/img/apps/joomla/joomla-gzip-compressor.png)](/images/img/apps/joomla/joomla-gzip-compressor.png)
Last modification December 21, 2022