Error downloading application bundle

Some Bitnami Blueprints are experiencing provision failures. Find below the list of the affected solutions:

  • Tomcat
  • Ruby
  • Node
  • Nginx

When you try to run any of those blueprints, you will see an output similar to this:

tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
Error while executing script: Process exited with an error: 2 (Exit value: 2)

To solve this issue is necessary to manually change the bundle URL associated to the software. Follow these instructions to edit that value:

  • Navigate to the “Design -> Blueprints” section. You will find there the “Design Canvas” view. In it, is possible to check the Blueprint Properties, including the URL that indicates from where the Bitnami bundle should be downloaded from.
  • Click the “Edit” icon to change the URL shown in the “Values” column.

    Edit the URL link to obtain the application software

  • Replace the current value https://marketplace.vmware.com/resources/bitnami/${APP_ID}-${VERSION}/FILE with the following:


Remember to replace the NEWVALUE placeholder with the following values:

  • tomcat -> tomcatstack
  • ruby -> rubystack
  • node -> nodejs
  • nginx -> nginxstack
Last modification November 15, 2018