Find application credentials

Your default credentials become available once you create a virtual machine. To find them, follow these steps:

  • Browse to the VMware vRealize Automation platform and sign in using your user account.
  • Select the “Requests” tab.
  • Select your virtual machine from the resulting list and click on it.

    Application credentials

  • In the “Deployment -> General” screen, click the “Execution Information” link:

    Server credentials

  • In the resulting screen, click the “[…]” button you will find beside the application details:

    Server credentials

    This will open the deployment logs.

  • Scroll down until you will find the information associated to the virtual machine. Note the username and password in a safeplace. You will need these credentials to perform several actions:

    Server credentials

The application credentials are stored in a standalone file. To obtain the credentials at any time, follow these instructions:

Database username

If you started a server (for example, MongoDB or similar) that isn’t a Web application server or your application includes a database server, you can use the default administrator user to log in to the database (for example, root). In the table below you will find the username for the most popular databases:

Database Username
MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB root
PostgreSQL postgres

You can find more information for each specific server in our documentation.

Database password

The database password is the same as the administrator password you use to log in to your application.

Last modification May 7, 2020