Understand the default port configuration

A port is an endpoint of communication in an operating system that identifies a specific process or a type of service. Bitnami stacks include several services or servers that require a port.

If you used a Bitnami blueprint you need to know that the ports opened by default depend on the selected base template. Conctact your datacenter administrator for more information on this.

There are two use cases depending if the firewall is enabled or not in the base template. To check if the used base template has the firewall enabled or not, see the firewall control instructions.

  • Use case 1: The firewall is enabled. In some stacks, there are ports opened by default for the main servers. These are the ports opened by default: 80, 443.
  • Use case 2: The firewall is not enabled. In this case, all ports are open. If you want to close some ports to deny remote access, follow these instructions.
Last modification October 1, 2018