Add nodes to the cluster

The VMware vRealize Automation platform allows you to decide the cluster size only at deployment time. That means changes in the number of nodes is not supported once the solution is deployed. Follow the instructions below to add nodes to the Bitnami Multi-Tier Solution you have selected in your company blueprint catalog:

NOTE: The following steps assume that you are already logged in to the VMware vRealize Automation platform and you have already selected a Bitnami Multi-Tier Blueprint in the “Catalog” tab.

  • In the “New Request” screen, navigate to the “Slave_Server” section and modify the number of instances depending on the number of nodes you want to add to the cluster. Depending on the solution you have selected, the default number of instances displayed in this section may vary.

    IMPORTANT: In some solutions such as Elasticsearch, you will find the number of configurable instances in the “Master_Node” section.

    Add nodes to the cluster

  • Click “Save” for the changes to take effect once you have entered the required values needed to deploy the cluster. Check the Step 2 of our starter guide guide for more information on this.

  • Click “Submit” to send your request to the system administrator.

Last modification September 5, 2018