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A Bitnami Blueprint is a template that contains all the installation dependencies, configuration specifications, and needed scripts to run an application smoothly on top of CentOS. That way, you can deploy any application from the VMware vRealize Automation platform without the need of installing any other accessory software on your system to make the application works.

Assumptions and prerequisites

Before you deploy a Bitnami Blueprint in the VMware vRealize Automation platform, you need to accomplish the following requirements:

  • You need to have vRealize Automation 7.3 installed, configured and running.
  • The target server has at least the required MB of RAM defined in the “Application_Server -> General -> Description” section of the application software you want to deploy:

    Application server prerequisites

  • You have a Linux CentOS 7.x template to use for deploying a blueprint. This template should have both the guest agent and the software bootstrap agent preinstalled, and you have created a customization specification for cloning this template. Check the Get Started with Bitnami Blueprints for further information on this.

  • Your server needs to have internet connection or access to system package repositories during the deployment of the blueprint, otherwise some system packages won’t be installed or updated.

Last modification September 19, 2019