Find application credentials

Your default credentials become available once you have deployed the application. To find them, follow these steps (this section shows the deployment of a Bitnami Jenkins Cluster as an example):

  • Browse to the VMware vRealize Automation platform and sign in using your user account.
  • Select the “Requests” tab.
  • Select your deployment from the resulting list and click on it.

Server information

  • In the “Deployment -> General” screen, click the “Execution Information” link:

    Server information

In the resulting screen you will see the status of the cluster deployment. Clicking “[…]” button beside the nodes (in this example, the master node) you can check the deployment logs.

  • To find the credentials click the “[…]” button beside the master node and scroll down until you find the application information:

    Server information

    NOTE: Remember that in those applications where a password is required it is the one you have entered during the deployment.

Last modification September 19, 2019