Understand Bitnami Blueprints

Bitnami Blueprints for VMware vRealize Automation are a good way to automate the deployment of a Bitnami application on top of CentOS. Blueprints allow users to deploy an application without a deep knowledge of the application underlying components and requirements.

The blueprint templates have been designed including all the installation dependencies, configuration specifications, and needed scripts to run applications either in a single virtual machine or in a cluster. That way, you can deploy an application from the VMware vRealize Automation platform without the need of installing any other accessory software on your system to make the application works. Administrators can also edit the Bitnami Blueprints from the Design Canvas to customize them before publishing in their catalog.

Find more information about the Bitnami Blueprints prerequisites in the FAQ.

NOTE: Check the following documentation to find out the Bitnami Multi-Tier solutions features and benefits.

Check the following documentation to learn more about Bitnami Blueprints:

IMPORTANT: All the commands below require an user with sudo privileges or a root user.

Last modification September 7, 2018