Auto-configure a Let's Encrypt certificate

The Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool is a command line tool for configuring mainly HTTPS certificates on Bitnami stacks, but also common features such as automatic renewals, redirections (e.g. HTTP to HTTPS), etc. This tool is located in the installation directory of the stack at /opt/bitnami.

IMPORTANT: The Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool does not support configuring NGINX web servers yet. If you use NGINX, please follow this alternative approach.

NOTE: Before using the Bitnami HTTPS configuration tool, ensure that your domain’s DNS configuration correctly reflects the host’s IP address. You can update your domain’s DNS configuration through your DNS provider.

To launch the Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool, execute the following command and follow the prompts:

$ sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

Refer to our guide for more information on this, to troubleshoot common errors, or if you cannot find the tool in your Bitnami stack.

If you prefer to manually generate and install Let’s Encrypt certificates, follow this alternative approach.

Last modification September 28, 2020