Install CodeJail Sandbox

CodeJail manages the execution of untrusted code in secure sandboxes. It is designed primarily for Python execution, but can be used for other languages as well.

A CodeJail sandbox consists of several pieces:

  • Sandbox environment: Language setup (e.g. Python) and associated core packages.
  • Sandbox packages: Additional packages needed for a given run.
  • Untrusted packages: Code and data submitted by students to be tested on the server.
  • OS packages: System libraries needed to run the language (e.g. Python).

Visit the CodeJail official documentation to learn more about CodeJail.

Since the Eucalyptus version, a CodeJail sandbox enforced with AppArmor is already included in the Open edX Stack. You can find it in /opt/bitnami/apps/edx/venvs/edxapp-sandbox.

Last modification September 4, 2018