Continuous Integration and Deployment with GitLab, Kubernetes and Bitnami

As development velocity increases, it's now become essential for enterprises to have a reliable and readily-available Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline integrated with cloud infrastructure. But although the requirements of such infrastructure are well understood, setting up this pipeline is still a complex task involving knowledge of cloud platforms, containerization tools like Docker, Docker Compose and others, container orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Helm, and DevOps tools and techniques.

Bitnami eases the task of building an enterprise-ready CI/CD pipeline with its application stacks, container images and Helm charts.

This series of articles will enable you to deploy a custom CI/CD pipeline using GitLab CE, Kubernetes and Bitnami containers and Helm charts following current best practices.

What will you learn?

  • Configure a GitLab repository and container registry
  • Connect GitLab with a Kubernetes cluster
  • Create a simple Node.js application using Bitnami's Node.js container
  • Customize the default CI/CD pipeline using Bitnami's Node.js Helm chart

List of tutorials