Develop and Deploy a REST API on Kubernetes with Bitnami Containers and Helm Charts

For developers building cloud-native applications and APIs for Kubernetes, Bitnami offers a variety of containers and Helm charts to ease the process. These ready-to-use assets make it easier to develop and deploy applications consistently, follow best practices and focus on code rather than infrastructure configuration. Bitnami containers and charts are also always secure, optimized and up-to-date, so you can rest assured that your applications always have access to the latest language features and security fixes.

This two-part series will walk you through the process of developing and deploying a sample Node.js REST API locally using Bitnami containers. Then, once your API is ready, it will show you how to make it available to a wider group of reviewers or users by deploying it on Kubernetes using Bitnami Helm charts.

What will you learn?

  • Develop a sample Node.js REST API using Sails
  • Configure a MongoDB datastore for the API
  • Create a scalable MongoDB deployment on Kubernetes
  • Deploy the sample REST API on Kubernetes and connect it with the MongoDB deployment
  • Test and validate the API

List of tutorials