From development to production - customize and secure your WordPress deployment

Bitnami provides containers and Helm charts with a ready-to-go environment, but as a WordPress developer, you may want to add some customizations to the default configuration that Bitnami delivers in them. For developing a custom WordPress deployment ready to run in a production environment, it is necessary to perform the following:

  • Creating a script to add a custom plugin and theme
  • Building and publishing a Docker image
  • Defining configuration values for the WordPress Helm chart
  • Deploying the custom WordPress Helm chart on Kubernetes
  • Using a managed cloud database
  • Securing traffic with TLS and Let's Encrypt SSL certificates

These articles enable you to deploy WordPress on a production cluster following the best practices of Kubernetes community.

What will you learn?

  • Adding a custom plugin and a theme in a WordPress Docker image
  • Building and publishing a WordPress Docker image
  • Preparing your project to be deployed in production
  • Deploying Wordpress using Helm charts
  • Securing HTTP traffic with TLS and SSL certificates
  • Performing upgrades with zero downtime

List of tutorials