Backup and Restore Cluster Data with Bitnami and Velero

There are often situations where you need to migrate all or some of the resources in a Kubernetes cluster to another cluster. For example, you might want to transfer a copy of your deployed applications to a separate cluster for isolated integration testing or load testing. Or, you might want to experiment with alpha Kubernetes features that are not yet available in production deployments.

Velero is an open source tool that makes it easy to backup and restore Kubernetes resources. It can be used to back up an entire cluster, or it can be fine-tuned to only backup specific deployments and/or namespaces.

This series shows you how to use Velero to backup and restore entire deployments as well as individual volumes created with Bitnami's Helm charts.

What will you learn?

  • Install and configure Velero
  • Backup and transfer a Bitnami WordPress deployment from one cluster to another
  • Migrate a database volume from a Bitnami PostgreSQL deployment to a different cluster
  • Backup and restore data for various applications deployed using Bitnami Helm charts

List of tutorials