Get started with Tanzu Application Catalog

Customers will work with the Tanzu Application Catalog sales team to receive an invitation to use the service. These are the typical steps for onboarding and quickly use Tanzu Application Catalog:

  • Click on the invitation link, provide their VMware ID and select the CSP Organization to connect to the service.
  • Once the right CSP Org is connected to the service, select “Request a Catalog” within the product. A short guide will walk through the deployment format, operating system and application options.
  • The onboarding team will then receive the customer’s request and contact them once their catalog is configured and ready to be delivered.

NOTE: To learn more, check out the Get Started with VMware Tanzu Application Catalog guide.

Learn more

Please reach out to us at https://bitnami.com/tanzu-application-catalog for further questions and inquiries.

Last modification May 21, 2020