Configure security features

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Configure SSL communication

In order to enable secure transport between workers and master, deploy the Helm chart with the ssl.enabled=true chart parameter.

Create certificate and password secrets

It is necessary to create two secrets for the passwords and certificates. The names of the two secrets should be configured using the security.passwordsSecretName and security.certificatesSecretName chart parameters.

Create certificates and the certificate secret

To generate the certificates secret, first generate the two certificates and rename them to spark-keystore.jks and spark-truststore.jks. Use this script to generate certificates for test purposes if required.

Once the certificates are created, create a secret for them with the file names as keys. The keys must be named spark-keystore.jks and spark-truststore.jks, and the content must be text in JKS format.

Create the password secret

The secret for passwords should have four keys: rpc-authentication-secret, ssl-key-password, ssl-keystore-password and ssl-truststore-password.

Configure the chart

Once the secrets are created, configure the chart and set the various security-related parameters, including the security.certificatesSecretName and security.passwordsSecretName parameters referencing the secrets created previously. Here is an example configuration for chart deployment:


NOTE: It is currently not possible to submit an application to a standalone cluster if RPC authentication is configured. Learn more about this issue.