Enable the network policy

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To enable network policy for Redis, install a networking plugin that implements the Kubernetes NetworkPolicy spec, and set networkPolicy.enabled to true.

For Kubernetes v1.5 & v1.6, you must also turn on NetworkPolicy by setting the DefaultDeny namespace annotation. Note: this will enforce policy for all pods in the namespace:

$ kubectl annotate namespace default "net.beta.kubernetes.io/network-policy={\"ingress\":{\"isolation\":\"DefaultDeny\"}}"

With NetworkPolicy enabled, only pods with the generated client label will be able to connect to Redis. This label will be displayed in the output after a successful install.

With networkPolicy.ingressNSMatchLabels pods from other namespaces can connect to Redis. Set networkPolicy.ingressNSPodMatchLabels to match pod labels in matched namespace. For example, for a namespace labeled redis=external and pods in that namespace labeled redis-client=true the fields should be set:

  enabled: true
    redis: external
    redis-client: true