Configure LDAP support

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LDAP support can be enabled in the chart by specifying the ldap.* parameters while creating a release. The following parameters should be configured to properly enable the LDAP support in the chart.

  • ldap.enabled: Enable LDAP support. Defaults to false.
  • ldap.server: LDAP server host. No defaults.
  • ldap.port: LDAP server port. Defaults to port 389.
  • ldap.user_dn_pattern: DN used to bind to LDAP. Defaults to cn=${username},dc=example,dc=org.
  • ldap.tls.enabled: Enable TLS for LDAP connections. Defaults to false.

For example:


If ldap.tls.enabled is set to true, consider using ldap.port=636 and checking the settings in the advancedConfiguration chart parameters.

Last modification January 19, 2021