Backup and restore MariaDB Galera deployments

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Two different approaches are available to back up and restore Bitnami MariaDB Galera Helm chart deployments on Kubernetes:

  • Back up the data from the source deployment and restore it in a new deployment using MariaDB Galera built-in backup/restore tools.

  • Back up the persistent volumes from the source deployment and attach them to a new deployment using Velero, a Kubernetes backup/restore tool.

Method 1: Backup and restore data using MariaDB Galera built-in tools

This method involves the following steps:

  • Use the mysqldump tool to create a snapshot of the data in the source cluster.
  • Create a new MariaDB Galera Cluster deployment and forward the MariaDB Galera Cluster service port for the new deployment.
  • Create and start a MariaDB Galera container image to mount a directory containing the backup file as a volume.
  • Restore the data using the mysql client tool to import the backup to the new cluster.

NOTE: Under this approach, it is important to create the new deployment on the destination cluster using the same credentials as the original deployment on the source cluster.

Method 2: Back up and restore persistent data volumes

This method involves copying the persistent data volumes for the MariaDB Galera nodes and reusing them in a new deployment with Velero, an open source Kubernetes backup/restore tool. This method is only suitable when:

This method involves the following steps:

  • Install Velero on the source and destination clusters.
  • Use Velero to back up the PersistentVolumes (PVs) used by the deployment on the source cluster.
  • Use Velero to restore the backed-up PVs on the destination cluster.
  • Create a new deployment on the destination cluster with the same chart, deployment name, credentials and other parameters as the original. This new deployment will use the restored PVs and hence the original data.

Refer to our detailed tutorial on backing up and restoring MariaDB Galera chart deployments on Kubernetes, which covers both these approaches, for more information.

Last modification January 19, 2021