Configure single user instances

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As explained in the documentation, the Hub is responsible for deploying the Single User instances. The configuration of these instances is passed to the Hub instance via the hub.configuration chart parameter.

In order to make the chart follow standards and to ease the generation of this configuration file, the chart has a singleuser section, which is then used for generating the hub.configuration value. The hub.configuration value can be easily overridden by modifying its default value or by providing a secret via the hub.existingSecret value. In this case, all the settings in the singleuser section will be ignored.

All the settings specified in the hub.configuration value are consumed by the jupyter_config.py script available in the templates/hub/configmap.yaml file. This script can be changed by providing a custom ConfigMap via the hub.existingConfigmap value. The official JupyterHub documentation has more examples of the jupyter_config.py script.