Install the chart

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NOTE: To install a Helm chart repository, it is necessary to have Helm previously installed and configured in your cluster.

A Helm chart describes a specific version of a solution, also known as a "release". The "release" includes files with Kubernetes-needed resources and files that describe the installation, configuration, usage and license of a chart.

To start using any Bitnami Helm chart, follow these steps:

  • Check that your Kubernetes cluster is running by executing the following command:

      $ kubectl cluster-info
  • Deploy the chart with the following command:

    NOTE: Remember that MY-RELEASE is a placeholder. Replace it with the name you want to give to the deployment or add the –generate-name parameter to automatically generate a name. The name must start and end with a lower-case alphanumeric character and can only contain alphanumeric character, ‘-’ or ‘.’.

      $ helm install MY-RELEASE bitnami/grafana